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11.5" barrel raises to 85 degrees, traverses 360 degrees
Dimensions with legs extended is 14" x 14"

Feared by allied aviators, this famous WWII cannon was first produced in 1934. The "88" was also adapted for anti-tank use and became the most feared weapon of the German Army during WWII. This safe non-firing model is ideal for display in your home or office. weight 4.4 lbs.

Item Number Description Price Shipping
22-425WWII German 88mm Anti-Aircraft/Tank Cannon$89.00$9.85

Item Number Description Price Each Shipping
04-500Replica .45 Automatic Military Holster$30.00$7.00
04-514DUniversal Military Style Holster$34.00$7.00
04-530Universal Belt Holster$15.00$7.00
04-540Replica German P-08 Military Holster$49.00$7.00
06-299Replica Luftwaffe Officer's Sword, Weight: 2 lbs.$179.00$12.00
22-1024Replica, Decorator, 1896 Broomhandle Mauser Pistol, Length: 11.5", Weight: 3.5 lbs.$69.00$9.85
22-1226German P-08 (The "Parabellum")$89.00$9.85
22-1227Replica American G.I. M1911 Automatic Length: 8.5", Weight: 2.5 lbs.$99.00$9.85
22-1254Replica M92 Military Model Length: 8.5", Weight: 3 lbs.$99.00$9.85
22-1277Replica, Decorator, German PPK, Length: 7", Weight: 1.5 lbs.$89.00$9.85
28-100Complaint Department$20.00$9.85
29-722WWII Airplane Spotter Playing Cards$9.00 $4.00

Historic Military Replica Weapons

Now available for Veterans and collectors!

Our U.S. made replicas are built using original GI parts, where available, and authentic replica receivers and US made replica parts. That is what makes our replicas detailed, yet reasonably priced. Our foreign made replicas represent incredible value and detailing that can't be produced in the US for these low prices. Maximum Value for the Buck!

Completely safe! They cannot chamber live ammo rounds or be made to fire.

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Replicas & Models offers a large variety of historic military weapon replicas, both American made and imported.

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